About Me

That's me, Jeremy Daly

I'm a senior technology leader with more than 25 years of experience managing the development of complex web and mobile applications for domestic and international businesses. I spent my early career running a web development agency, working with more than 200 companies to spec, design, and build custom implementations to help achieve their corporate goals. Later, I moved into executive management roles that focused on product strategy and development, leading cross-functional teams to concept, engineer, and launch consumer-facing and B2B products and platforms.

I was the lead architect and developer for hundreds of websites including several ecommerce platforms, custom CRMs, and the F7 CMS, a robust web-based content management system. I’ve worked with big data and complex analytics systems running on leading-edge cloud infrastructures. I’ve managed international development teams, collaborated with strategic partners, co-led the acquisition of a technology company, and worked directly with clients and key stakeholders to build highly-scalable products for web and mobile.

Throughout my career I have excelled in strong leadership roles managing employees, development teams, and partnerships. I care deeply about my team members, working side-by-side and one-on-one when necessary to help remove obstacles, provide support and mentorship, and maximize their effectiveness to get things done. As an entrepreneur, I’ve been through the startup cycle multiple times and gained a vast amount of experience in operations, finance, marketing, and management. I’m constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to revolutionize the way technology helps us communicate and do business.

I’m currently the CEO at Ampt, with several other projects in the works.

X/Twitter: @jeremy_daly
GitHub: https://github.com/jeremydaly
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremydaly
Email: contact@jeremydaly.com