Minimize the User Interface to Maximize Engagement

When interacting with a product, there are very few things that need to be done on a regular basis. For example, it's not often that you need to change your name on Facebook, or update your bio on Twitter. When you're using Instagram, it is unlikely that you need to change your settings once a week so that your phone doesn't use cellular data to upload photos. Many times product people think about ALL the things that a user MIGHT want to do in their app, and then clutter the UI with as many features as they can. This is a terrible idea because it makes the app much harder to use.

A key to a good user experience is knowing exactly what options the user needs to accomplish the task at hand. If they need to upload a photo, find a local store, or book a restaurant reservation, giving the user the right call-to-action is important to keep the flow simple and intuitive. By cluttering the interface with a number of different options, you not only potentially confuse the user, but you lessen the chance of steering them in the right direction and getting them to do what YOU want them to do.