Big Serverless Chats Announcement!

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When I started the podcast in 2019, I wanted to invite others into the great off-the-cuff, offline conversations I was having with members of the serverless community. The chats I'd share after an event over drinks, in the hallway between conference sessions, or while mingling at a meetup, were thought-provoking and interesting, and offered fresh ideas, perspectives, and sometimes, even solutions that I could take back to my work and projects. After more than 100 episodes of inviting listeners and guests to these conversations, I am now extending a different sort of invitation for one of our serverless community members.

I am extremely excited to announce that Rebecca Marshburn will be joining Serverless Chats as a co-host!

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca yet (or haven't listened to our 100th episode), Rebecca's interested in the things that interest people— What's important to them? Why? And when did they first discover it to be so? She's also interested in sharing stories, elevating others' experiences, exploring the intersection of physical environments and human behavior, and crafting the perfect pun for every situation. Today, Rebecca is the Head of Content & Community at Common Room. Prior to Common Room, she led the AWS Serverless Heroes program, where she and I first met, and guided content and product experiences for fashion magazines, online blogs, AR/VR companies, education companies, and a little travel outfit called Airbnb.

After two years of producing the podcast, I had been considering ways that I could continue to bring relevant and meaningful content to my listeners. Though Serverless Chats has always featured multiple points of view between mine and our guests', Rebecca's addition ensures that we're able to have conversations that touch upon all aspects of the serverless experience that matter to our community. With Rebecca's industry experience and commitment to the people who build and use serverless, we'll be able to have more complete, multi-faceted conversations that broaden the podcast's ability to dive deeper into the human element and impact of serverless while remaining focused on the technical and tactical discussions.

As part of this next step for Serverless Chats, we'll be taking an eight-week summer break starting at the beginning of July. We'll still be recording with our incredible guests so you have great content when we return August 30th, but we'll also be using this time to work on the overall brand, as well as, you know, actually taking some time off.

I'm really looking forward to this next chapter for Serverless Chats, and feel honored to have Rebecca as part of it.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the podcast, and enjoy the summer!

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